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Canine Massage

                                   Massage has been used for centuries to promote health and wellness.  The benefits of massage for animals
                                   are very similar to those for people.  Massage once was thought of as a luxury item,
                                   it is now a recommended therapy to enhance our lives
                                   and the lives of animals who share our days.

         Massage relieves pain and discomfort, can promote the body's natural healing ability and increases the human / animal bond.

The benefits of massage include :
Reduces Pain & Soreness

Relaxes Muscle Spasms & Relieves Tension

Improves Gait & Structure

Improves Muscle Tone & Flexibility

Relieves Stress & Anxiety

Promotes Recovery from Injury & Surgery

Increases Circulation leading to Elimination of Toxins & Increased Nutrients Brought to Tissues

Improve Fuction of Immune System

      Any injury or stiffness causes an animal to guard that site which leads to further stiffness, overuse of other
      muscles and a general imbalance. Massage relaxes muscle groups restoring balance while also improving blood ciculation.
      Increased circulation allows oxygen and nutrients flowing to that location to promote healing as well as the
       elimination of waste products and toxins being moved from that site.

     All dogs will benefit from massage; canine athletes, geriatric animals and those with behavior challenges will all show
     positive results. The canine athlete benefits from the warming of muscles prior to competition and reducing
     of muscle tension, soreness and the removal of lactic acid after competition.  Hightened levels of performance can be
and injuries may be able to be prevented. Geriatric animals benefit greatly from increased motion and
     renewed vitality that massage helps them attain.
Massage helps shy and aggressive animals are able to relax and gain 

I am pleased to offer Canine Massage sessions.
Pre and post event massage is also offered.

Grooming, Obedience Training  & Herding Lessons
also available

Please contact me for more information Denice Rackley, RVT, CMT or 605-842-6321cell / 812-427-2303 hm


Massage has many benefits but does not replace veterinary care.