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Training Clinics

The training clinic will be held in Switzerland County in Fairview, Indiana. ( 1 hr from Cincinnati,OH   2hrs from Indianapolis,IN   2 hrs from Lexington, KY)

The Clinics are Open to ALL Levels.

We will be limiting the number of working/dog spots to allow each handler / dog team to work twice a day. 
The sheep will be wool sheep and lambs along with a few young Katahdins.  There are appropriate sheep for all work.
We have a variety of places to work in - a round pen, a small pasture, a 9 acre hay field and a 40 acre crop field in the early spring and late fall.
Lunch and refreshments will be provided.
ALL dogs coming onto the property must be current on vaccinations and flea and tick prevention
If you would like to work more than one dog please contact me.

Clinic Format

 The usual clinic format - working once before lunch and then again afterward.
If you want to work a different dog in the morning and afternoon sessions this must be OK'd by the clinician.
You may enter any or all days of the clinic

Clinics are set up so that you learn from every handler and dog that is attending the clinic.  
It is not necessarily the amount of time You work with Your Dog that will be the most beneficial -  it is the information you take home from the clinic that will help you with each dog you work with.
It is a good idea to come to the clinic with goals for yourself but the clinician may see other things that need to be addressed.
You may want to consider private lessons if the clinic format and learning from everyone else is not what you are looking for.
I expect everyone will be encouraging and respectful of each other.
Dogs must be on a leash when not working.
You need to pick up after your dog.

Each clinician will hold the clinic as they see best.
Audit places are available for all clinics

Everyone must pre register
Entry form and check must be received by One Month prior to the clinic date.  Working spots will only be held when I receive full payment. Checks will be cashed upon arrival at my convenience.
 If you have paid for a working spot and are unable to attend you are welcome to sell your working spot.  The person you sell your spot to must contact me and fill out a registration form, the money exchange will between you and the person you sell your spot to.
 Refunds Only if clinic is canceled.
 Please email me if you are interested in a working spot and it is past the entry date there may be spots open.
Please indicate on the registration forum which clinic you will be attending.

We will adjust the clinic start time depending on the time of year,  temperatures and do what is best for the dogs and livestock.  
We will work rain or shine.
  Limited camper parking and only if ground is solid/dry - no hookups
All those wanting to camp must ask ahead of time
several RV parks within a 30 min drive
If you are wanting to camp you need to contact me, depending on the time of year I may not know until a couple days before the clinic
 if camping will be possible.
I would hate for you to get in and get stuck if it is wet.
My guard dogs can present a problem because I need them loose during the night to do their jobs
Be sure to bring a chair, notepad, dog crate you can set in the shade, ect.
We will try to get together with everyone and go out to supper one evening.

Email or call with any questions 605-842-6321 cell -

  1/2 of lesson fee must be prepaid to reserve spot - no refunds

private lessons may be also available on other days

 Jack Knox Clinics
Spring and Fall Clinics
April & Oct usually

Kevin Evans Clinics
I am hoping Keven returns for more clinics.
 These days he is busy at home with his family, trialing and judging

*All clinic fees must be paid in full to reserve working spot.  No refunds given for any reason other than clinician not being able to attend.  You may sell your working spot if you are unable to attend.