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Thad Buckler resides in Evansburg, Alberta Canada. Thad’s grandfather gave all the grand kids sheep to raise and things have snowballed from there. Border Collies became a part of Thad’s life 15 years ago to help out on the farm with cattle and sheep.

Thad uses his dogs to help on the farm with his flock of 200 Barbados, Mouflons and wool sheep.  He enjoys training his dogs and an occasional dog for others.  Thad looks at each dog as an individual, his
training philosophy is based on Showing the dog what he wants. Every dog should enjoy working.  He feels it is his job to help the dogs see what they are being asked and encourage each dog to use their natural talent and desire.  Thad enjoys encouraging new handlers and helping them develop their training and handling skills.

In 2005 Thad competed at Kaycee, one of toughest trials in the western US, winning with Fly and coming in 4th with Jack. Thad was a Calgary Stampede Finalist in 2005, 2006, and 2007.  He judged the EID( Eastern Irrigation District ) trial in 2009 .  Thad and Jack came in first at the Northlands Farm Fair trial. Thad qualified his open dog Cora and two young dogs, Nick and Scott for the 2009 USBCHA finals.   He won the ASDA Nursery Championship and was the Nursery Rookie of the Year at the USBCHA finals with Scott.  Thad and Nick were the Western Canadian Nursery Finals Reserve Champions in 2009 as well.  Thad is the current president of the Alberta Stockdog Association.

Thad enjoys hunting and taking pack trips with the horses into the mountains when he can get away.